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About the Critical Care Department - Peterborough City Hospital

Critical Care is made up of three services which work very closely together to support and care for critically ill patients within the Trust.  Many patients will be admitted as an emergency from the emergency department, wards and theatre, but they also care for patients post operatively when they require enhanced observation or treatment following planned major surgery.  

The critical care team consists of consultant intensivists, critical care nurses and physiotherapists who are skilled and experienced in managing and delivering the care required for critically ill patients. The service is also supported by the infection control team, microbiologist, dieticians and pharmacists. 

Intensive care unit 

Intensive care provides advanced medical treatment for patients who have respiratory, cardiac, and renal or multi systems failure. Treatment may include respiratory support via mechanical ventilation, continuous infusions of medication and fluids, cardiac monitoring and renal therapy.

High dependency unit

Patients are admitted to the high dependency unit when they require closer nursing and medical observation.  Frequently patients require a planned admission to the high dependency unit following major surgery.

Critical care outreach team

The critical care outreach team consists of highly skilled senior nurses with critical care experience. The team aims to prevent further deterioration of ward patients or, facilitate appropriate and timely admission to the intensive care unit or high dependency unit. The team are involved in assessment and treatment of patients in ward areas who are at risk of deteriorating and becoming critically ill. 

Conditions treated:

Critical care delivers care to patients from all specialties within the Trust. In addition, patients who require specialist critical care, such as children or neurological patients, will be stabilised prior to transfer to a tertiary centre within the region.